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Adding on to your property

In this video you’ll see some of the work that went into adding a freestanding, two-story garage to a client’s lot.

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Crafting a Great Home Exterior

It’s not too early to start envisioning your next home! Watch as Jay describes what went into crafting a recent home built on a quiet wooded lot.

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Summer Renovation

August is here. Time to get your final vacation destinations, visit the fairs, and get your last dives in the pool.

While you’re enjoying the rest of your summer, let us get started on the home renovation you’ve been wanting. Our team is busiest in the summer and we would love to prepare your home now for the fall and winter season to come.

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Keep Dry

So far this summer, central Ohio has been hit by some exceptionally hard rainstorms. We hope that you managed to avoid any flooding, but if you did notice some dampness around the edges, here are some steps you can take to hopefully stop it from …

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Summer Fun

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. That must mean summer is right around the corner. And, based on the calls that we’ve been getting, a lot of you are ready to take full advantage of it. Whether they have been …

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Telling Our Story

Recently Builder Update, the official publication of the Building Association of Central Ohio profiled the Luebbe Companies and our owner, J.J. Luebbe, with a cover story. Along with several photos of some of the projects we are most proud of, the story also provided a …

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