Around The House

Telling Our Story

z0 001Recently Builder Update, the official publication of the Building Association of Central Ohio profiled the Luebbe Companies and our owner, J.J. Luebbe, with a cover story. Along with several photos of some of the projects we are most proud of, the story also provided a look behind the scenes at the work we do and the mindset behind our approach.

As an example, early in the story the writer explains the company by saying:

“His company is set apart by its ability to create spaces that meet their buyers’ specific needs — no matter how unique. “We do a lot of hidden rooms and specialty things,” says Luebbe. These include cleverly concealed safe rooms, as well as wine cellars, elevators, and unusual countertops and cabinetry. Luebbe, who also does commercial building, once applied his knowledge of steel structure to a home where the owners wanted the entire second floor to be open. He used steel beams to create an airy space with no interior walls.”

In addition, the story addressed some of those extra steps that we take with our clients:

“For example, when a house is first staked, he often meets with the buyer at the home site. “We’ll all go out and stand where it’s staked and I’ll say, ‘you’re in the family room and this will be your view out the window.’ If they want a different view we’ll change the entire position of the home to give them the view they want… Building homes is not what I do, serving people is what I do. I’m here to give people a better product and help improve their lifestyle and improve their peace.”

You can read the entire story here.